Tokyo-headquartered Akari, the city-owned real estate firm that is best-known for its adorable cat emoji, has revealed that its emoji-loving team has won the award for best-looking company.

The winning company, which has its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, has been named the winner of the Akari-based emoji-making contest in Japan.

“We really feel like the winning emoji of the 2017 Akari Emoji Emoji Awards was the winning Akari brand,” Akari’s CEO Haruki Iwasaki told Bloomberg.

“The Akari team was truly an inspiration to the world.”

The winning emoji in the emoji contest was the cat.

The company said the winning team’s work was “unparalleled in its creativity and effort.”

Iwasakis noted that Akari has a long history of building cool brands that feature cute characters in their advertising and on their products.

The Emoji Academy Awards are held annually in January and are a showcase for the best emoji designs.

The 2019 winners are announced on January 28.

The 2019 awards are expected to bring in $20 billion in annual revenue for Akari.