By far the most popular answer was to live somewhere in the city of Akari.

With the majority of the apartments being owned by locals, the choice was easy to make. 

But then the news hit, and it was not long before many of those who had been searching for apartments in Akaribjara were left disappointed.

“The first few days, it was quite hard to find apartments,” said a 27-year-old man named Hidayat.

“It was very hard to sell.

It was a very busy time.”

A few days after the initial shock, he was informed that the apartments were no longer available.

He went to check his address online, but found that the apartment was no longer listed, and that he would need to move out. 

“It’s not like I had no chance, I had a choice,” he said.

“I could have just gone to the market and bought an apartment and moved out.”

But as he went to find another place to rent, he realized that he wasn’t the only one.

“There were many people that tried to sell their apartments,” he continued.

“Some of them said they could not find any apartments.

So they started searching for other places to rent.

I found an apartment for around $10,000 a month, but then the rent went up and I had to move.”

This has been happening to many people in Akkaribjaya, as the apartments that once were available have disappeared in the last few months.

Many people have been unable to rent apartments, and many have lost their jobs.

“Many of us have been paying rent for more than 10 years, and some of us had to go out of our jobs to live,” said Hidayah.

“Now, we have no choice but to rent.”

In the city, Akarisa is known as the “cattle market” because of its abundance of cattle.

The area is dotted with stalls selling beef, pork, mutton, lamb, and goat.

But many people say that Akariza has lost its relevance as a market for meat. 

There is little or no competition for people to live here, and they are struggling to survive.

“There are many more people living here than there are cattle,” said Nuriya, a 37-year old taxi driver.

“People are struggling with the situation here.

The economy has changed a lot.”

In addition to the loss of jobs, there has been a lot of pressure on people to move.

Many of the residents of Akarisi have lost jobs to local businessmen who are looking to expand their businesses. 

It’s a situation that many of them feel is unfair, especially when the economy is so stagnant. 

As for what they would like to do with their money, Hidayayah and Nuriia say that they are trying to find jobs in the surrounding areas. 

The situation is getting worse for the people of Akarbajas, and the government is doing nothing to help. 

According to the Jakarta Post, Jakarta Mayor Joko Widodo announced a moratorium on new projects in the area on July 2, but no new development has been approved. 

While the government has tried to curb the growth of the city’s cattle, it has yet to do anything to address the situation.