Akari, Illinois is the most common residence of Asian Americans, according to data from the Pew Research Center, which found that one in four Asian Americans lives there.

As a result, Facebook users are sharing status photos more frequently than they are sharing their own personal pictures, and they’re sharing them in more locations than their own pictures.

Facebook users who live in Akari have shared more than half of their photos with friends.

In comparison, Facebook accounts belonging to white Americans have shared fewer than one in six of their own photos with people of color.

A Pew report from last year found that the majority of Asian American adults in Akarios household have a college degree or more, and Asian Americans are more likely to be single than white people.

Akari is also the city with the most photos shared on Facebook, according the data.

The majority of photos shared in Akarias hometown of Akari include photos of family, friends and pets, which suggests that sharing status pictures of friends is an important social activity for Asian Americans.

But the popularity of status pictures is also growing in other Asian communities, including the Bay Area and New York City.

In May, an Asian American man in New York was arrested after police say he allegedly posted a series of status photos of his ex-girlfriend on Instagram and Facebook.

The police said the photos showed that the couple were having an affair, and that they were cheating on him.

In New York, police arrested a man in Queens for allegedly posting a series in which he posted selfies with his ex.

The photos, which were later found to have been taken on a private cell phone, appeared to show the man and the ex kissing.

In April, a man was arrested in New Jersey after allegedly posting the same photos on Instagram.

Police say the man was a member of the local Black Panther Party and was also involved in the Ku Klux Klan.

In August, a woman in the city of Los Angeles was arrested on charges of threatening to kill herself if she were to be forced to have an abortion.

Police in New Orleans said in September that a woman was arrested and charged with making a death threat on Instagram after posting pictures of herself posing with a baby.

The woman, who allegedly made the threats while on probation for assaulting a woman, was sentenced to a year in prison.