By Daniele De AngelisA new report claims the Italian actor who portrayed Hannibal Lecter on the BBC show “The Silence of the Lambs” is now living with his daughter. 

According to Il Giornale newspaper, Gianluigi Nuzzi, a co-star of the show, has become a successful TV personality after starring in the movie “The Last Days of Hannibal”.

According to Italian news site Tuttosport, the actor, who also appeared as Hannibal’s rival in the show’s first season, had been looking for a new job in recent months and decided to make a move to LA to take advantage of his celebrity.

“I was in Los Angeles for several weeks and my wife, Nidia, had a lot of fun working as a professional model,” Nuzzo told Tuttonsport.

“It was my dream and a good job was in sight.

I am so happy I was able to find this new adventure in Hollywood.”

The actor, whose real name is Gianlui Nuzza, is now in LA working as an “on-screen talent agent” in Los Gatos.

“My daughter was born three months ago and I am now starting a new family, which is also exciting,” Nazzi added. 

Nuzzi’s career began when he appeared in a BBC television series of the TV show, “The Sixth Sense” in 2009, which featured an all-star cast including Tom Hardy, Tom Cruise, Hannibal Lecters brother and “Hannibals” star David Harewood. 

After “The Fifth Sense” ended, Nuzzio was offered a role on a British soap opera called “The Queen’s Game”, which he accepted. 

The actor was later cast as a character on “The Man Who Knew Too Much”, a British series which was cancelled in 2018.