In a world filled with powerful kings, the Lad of Erebus is the greatest and the most powerful.

He is the only one who can truly save his people from a future of doom.

The Lad is also the first of the King’s sons.

In an attempt to gain the support of his people, he asks the King to appoint a council of kings to oversee his coronation.

The council decides to give him the name Akari.

It is not a good name.

Akari is the son of Akhilleh and Neshek, and he was born on the same day as the King, who is said to have killed Akhileh.

However, when the King is killed by a powerful enemy, Akari survives and takes the throne, claiming it as his own.

However Akari and his people face many difficulties before they are able to become king.

After his coronational victory, the king gives Akari the name of Akarib, which means “the king”.

Akari takes great pride in his accomplishments, and is able to see himself as a king, even when the people around him question his legitimacy.

He also enjoys the support and friendship of his countrymen, and has a reputation as a good ruler.

He lives in the city of Akarnia in the eastern part of Eriador.

He has the title of “King of Akaris”, and he is always accompanied by a guard who follows him wherever he goes.

Akarim is a tall man who wears a mask and has long hair that reaches his shoulders.

He always wears a red robe and has the name “Akari” embroidered on his robe.

He wears a green hat with a golden crown, and a red cape that covers his entire body.

Akaris eyes are blue and his eyes are black.

He often wears his robe over a golden necklace, and his beard grows out in an exaggerated fashion.

His name comes from Akar, the name for the first person to speak Hebrew, and Akarabi, the Hebrew word for a woman.

Akri has a strong hatred of the Shoshones, a tribe of people that live in the far eastern part to the north of Eritrea.

The Shoshone people were wiped out in the first Ice Age by the Shoggoths, which are known for their magical abilities and magic.

Akr, the second king, took over from Akari in 1375, and the two have been fighting for many years.

In 1392, Akaris son Neshet, the heir to the throne and a powerful sorcerer, and two other powerful sorcerers, the Prince of Neshah and the Prince who took over the throne of Akarak, traveled to Akari to obtain information on the Shozones.

After they arrived, they defeated the Shossones and captured Akari before he could make his way to the King.

Akarin the Conqueror The third king, Akarin, the sixth, is a powerful warrior who has fought alongside Akari for many centuries.

He came from a long line of powerful men, and had the title “King” in honor of the first king.

Akara has a beautiful and strong body, and she wears a golden mask and a necklace that covers her entire body, like Akari’s.

She is also known as “Akarin the Great”, because of her immense strength and strength of will.

Akria is a beautiful woman with long, red hair that falls to her shoulders and wears a white dress with a white crown.

She often wears a long veil covering her entire head, which she wears with a veil over her head.

Akrian, the fifth, was a powerful sorceress who was once a powerful mage.

He was the only surviving mage from the last Ice Age.

Akhar, the last king, was the youngest of the five, and was known as a very kind king.

He had the name Nesht, which meant “the one who gives”.

He is also called “the King of Akhar”, because he was a very wise and gentle king.

In the days before the Ice Age, Akhar and his father Neshat used magic to restore their civilization and the land.

Nesha, the eldest daughter of Akars father, Neshan, is the mother of Akarin.

Nysha was born with a heart condition, which caused her to be a helpless child.

She became the princess of Akaria and was loved by Akar.

She was the princess who led Akaria to independence.

She also was the sister of the last King, Akara, who was killed by an assassin.

Akarist, the fourth king, is also a powerful king.

Like his father, Akarist was a strong warrior.

He comes from a line of great warriors.

He wore a golden robe with a blue crown.

Akarian and Akarist were married during the Ice Era, and lived for a time in the