New York’s apartment rental market is set to see a significant rise in July, with the median rent set to jump by a whopping 2.6%.

A total of 3,716 units will be sold across the city during the month of July, according the data firm.

This is the highest month-to-month increase in a year, as it has been for the past several years.

According to the firm, this year’s average rent will be $1,914, up 2.5% from last year, and will go up by $1.20 to $1 and $1 to $2 per square foot.

This year, the average price will increase by $4.42, to $3,746.

A median rent of $1 per square feet will go down by $3.10 to $945, while a median rent per square unit of $2.50 will increase to $838.

While the apartment market is getting hotter, it is still not the hottest in the country, according a new report by the National Association of Realtors.

The NAR found that rents have remained flat or declined since the recession ended, with average rents up 0.3% in the past year.

The NAR’s data shows that the median price for a one-bedroom apartment in New York increased by 2.4% in 2017, to a median price of $812.

The median price is also up 0,1% in 2016.