New York’s New York apartments are on the market, and the apartment that was supposed to be the home of a future mayor is now a big new property.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Tuesday that he plans to build a house in Akari, New York, a small, mostly residential community on Long Island, in preparation for his reelection in 2020.

A $1.2 million home with an attached gym is being built in a subdivision just south of Long Island City.

The $2 million apartment, which is part of the Akari Urban Community Development, is expected to have four bedrooms and nine bathrooms, according to city documents.

A new Akari apartment was recently listed for $1,834,000.

The house is located at 535 Long Island Ave.

and will be owned by a trust that includes the New York Yankees baseball team.

De Blasio said that this will be a “big step forward” for Akarians, who are predominantly black and Hispanic, who have been “struggling to build their futures and contribute to the community and the city.”

The building is one of several that are being built across the country, according the Manhattan Institute, a think tank that studies cities and the economy.

DeBlasio’s announcement comes at a time when Akar has seen its population decline since 2000.

Since then, New Yorkers have moved to smaller suburbs and to neighborhoods that are more diverse, with more expensive housing, fewer jobs and fewer opportunities for low-income families.

Akari has struggled to attract new residents, which have come in droves, and its unemployment rate is now higher than the national average, according data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Akari’s unemployment rate of 5.6 percent in March is lower than the state average of 7.3 percent.

Deblasio’s move comes as the city has struggled in recent years with the financial crisis and its ongoing foreclosure crisis.

Akar was among the first areas of the country to see major property sales during the housing crisis.

But in recent months, the city, along with neighboring Queens and Brooklyn, has been experiencing a surge in new construction and a surge of new apartments.