A man has been arrested in South Africa after police said he stole more than $1 million worth of luxury goods from a Sothebys auction house.

The suspect was identified as Zebb Jegoni.

Jegon, who has been in jail since the alleged offence on April 20, was taken into custody on Friday night at the Nairobi airport after police seized a suitcase containing a staggering $2 million worth worth of items including gold bars, a Rolex watch and a Rolexes gold Rolex watches, as well as jewelry.

The Sothebes auction house said the accused was not a staff member, and it was not clear whether he had an account with the firm.

The accused was also not identified by police.

The accused, who had lived in Johannesburg, South Africa, since 2009, had not previously been arrested or charged in the case.

The suspected offences took place between June 2015 and April 2018, when police said the alleged offender was arrested in the capital city of Johannesburg on March 18 and was transferred to the Natal state jail.

He was later charged with theft and burglary.

Jogon, 45, was released on bail in August after serving time for a theft conviction in 2008, and was granted bail for his first breach of bail earlier this year.

The alleged offences took part in a series of incidents in which the accused allegedly stole a luxury goods, including jewellery, from the Sothebiks South African branch of Sothebers luxury auction house, including a Role x watch and gold Rolexes watches worth more than a million dollars.

Sotheby, which is based in London, has been hit by several scandals over its dealings in the past decade, including its alleged role in a high-profile bribery scandal involving the former president of Zimbabwe.

A spokesman for Sothebis declined to comment.