A few weeks ago, a video was released showing Akari city resident Akari Nakashima holding up a sign reading ‘I am Akari, I am Akariyama and I will not forget’.

The video was uploaded on Instagram and had attracted hundreds of likes and comments.

‘We are the same, you can’t hurt us,’ the woman said in the video. 

‘We have been beaten up a lot, our lives are ruined,’ she continued.

‘I don’t think we will ever forget that.

I think this video is a very brave one and it shows the spirit of our people. 

In response to the video, people who live in the city reacted with outrage and shock.

The video was shared more than a million times on social media.

People shared their views and reactions to the Akari woman, saying she was a ‘danger to her community’ and a ‘slander’.

Akari Nakasahara, an elderly resident of Akari’s town, told the BBC that her community is not afraid of the ‘demon’ who holds the sign.

‘This is a good reminder for all people to understand that we are one people and our future depends on the future of the city and the whole country, said Akari.

Akami Nakashama said that she was ‘disappointed’ that the video has been shared, but she believes that Akari has a ‘positive attitude’.’

We do not believe that the person who holds it has a demonic nature.

She does not have such a negative image, she does not think it’s good to be here,’ said Akami.

‘If she has a demonic attitude, she is not a good person to be with.’ 

‘Akari is the most peaceful and the most kind person’ Akari said, but that she believes the people of Akariko have ‘misunderstood’ the ‘people of Akarie’ in the ‘news’.’

Akarari is not the enemy, but the people who are afraid and have problems, she said.

‘Akari’s people are peaceful and love their home and they love their friends and neighbours.’

We are happy with what they do.

They live in peace and we don’t want to interfere in their lives.

They have always been our friends.’ 

As for Akari herself, she believes her ‘negative attitude’ to the ‘Demon’ who is holding the sign is not ‘bad’.’

I don,t think it is good to say that this person is the enemy.

She is just the spirit, and we do not want to harm her,’ said the Akarari.

‘People should not think that the people are angry because she holds the symbol.

I am just a spirit.

It is like this person who is with me, she can’t be evil.

‘She can’t have negative attitude because she is Akari.’