Akari, Japan: You can rent a home, a room or even a bed in Akari and host events and parties at a rate of up to ¥1,000 per night.

The only catch is that you’ll need to be registered with Airbnb, a new online booking and rental platform for the sharing economy.

Akari’s site is one of several to launch in Japan, but the first to offer hostels in a big city.

While there are other platforms in Japan that rent out rooms, apartments and homes, Airbnb says its hosts will only stay in Akaru for the first three nights.

It will charge ¥1 per night for overnight stays and ¥3 per night per day for stays longer than three nights, and ¥2 per night in the month of December.

The site also promises a 20% discount for guests who book via an app.

Akari’s owners will not be charged a monthly fee for hosting guests, and the site will not require a credit card.

The company plans to host events in a variety of ways, including a movie theater and even a wedding reception.

Its website includes a video showing hosts sleeping in their apartments, but it has no idea how long guests will stay in their home.

If you live in Japan and want to host an event in Akariti, check out this guide from Airbnb.com to help you with your options.

Akari is one small market in Japan where hosts are not allowed to rent out a house, and Airbnb has been criticized by local authorities for not enforcing regulations.