The apartments in Japan’s Akarizawa district of Tokyo offer some of the best views in the country.

They’re located at the top of Akari’s skyscraper, which is built on a hilltop overlooking the river.

Akari residents enjoy an open-air courtyard with plenty of open space and the opportunity to relax on a balcony overlooking the city.

Here are some of our favorite rooftop views in Tokyo.


Akagi Terrace, Tokyo’s second-most famous rooftop park, has an indoor pool and a heated rooftop deck that overlooks the river and a cafe, with an indoor water slide and a terrace.

It also has a Japanese-style swimming pool.


The Akari Gardens, the neighborhood’s main public park, features two pools, a basketball court, a volleyball court, and a soccer field.

The park is also home to the largest indoor water pool in the city, the Tatsuya Tsubaki-designed Akagi Garden.


The Tatsuyaki-Akagi Garden, a park and garden in Tokyo, is the most famous indoor swimming pool in Japan.

The water is heated and the pools have a wooden platform.


The Hatta Hatta-Akari Park, located at Akari Street, is a popular park for young people and families.

There are picnic tables and benches in the park.


The “Yokozuna” or “grandfather” statue at the Tohoku University of Science and Technology (TSU) campus is one of Tokyo’s most popular attractions.

It features a traditional Japanese samurai pose and is one-third of a mile (1.7 kilometers) long.

The statue was designed by famed sculptor Takashi Kondo.


A popular summer spot in Tokyo is the Akashi Terrace Park.

Located at Akashi Street, this park has a swimming pool and indoor basketball court.


The Tokyo Tower has an array of outdoor facilities.

Located in the heart of Tokyo, the Tokyo Tower is the tallest building in the world.


The Chiba Terrace is a neighborhood in Tokyo known for its beautiful gardens and trees.

Located on the top floor of the Tōtsuka Tower, it features a rooftop garden and a small restaurant.


The famous “Hoshi Tower” is a tall, glass-and-steel structure in Tokyo that overlook the city from the top.

It is also one of the world’s tallest buildings.


The Kogyo Terrace features a tennis court and a tennis courts.

This park is located on the second floor of Akashi’s Kogyu Tower.