It is the ultimate in selfie stick-sized cameras, and it will probably get you more than a few photos. 

Akari City, in the northeast of the country, is a little city in the Kannur district. 

It has a population of about 200 people, mostly students, and the apartments are very cramped, the AP reports. 

The city’s chief of police, Naga Singh, told the AP that he had seen people using binoculars for their cameras on the streets, and that people were even using them to take photos of themselves. 

“It was just a strange situation,” he said. 

Naga Singh said police have arrested a man and two others for allegedly selling binocular devices.

He did not say who the men were. 

Kannur’s main business district has been witnessing a boom in new startups, including a Facebook-owned digital photography startup called Biosoft.