If you want your child’s reading to be more active, you may want to try a book on a tablet or smartphone.

Here are the tips you can use to get them reading with your child.


Keep your child away from distractions.

If your child is watching TV, or listening to music, you can let them finish their books.

Put them in a quiet place, or set aside a quiet time when they can sit.

They will have a great time reading and you’ll get more results.


Set aside time for reading.

Your child may have a schedule or need to read during the day.

If they’re not getting enough exercise or reading time, set aside time to read with them.


Try a different setting.

Make a change every time they go to a different room, and try a different time of day.

It will help them get the most out of reading.


Encourage your child not to read in a certain time period.

If you give them time to complete their books in the morning or evening, they will enjoy reading more.

This also allows them to do their homework later in the day when they’re awake.


Create a fun environment.

If there’s a book nearby, put them in the house, or in the park, and make sure they can see it.

This is another time when your child will enjoy learning and reading.


Create space for them to read.

Make sure your child doesn’t have to stand or sit at the end of a book, or that they can’t touch it with their hands.


Have a book to read while they’re reading.

If the book is too long, they’ll read it again and again, which will slow down their progress.


Create time for their children to read independently.

Your son will enjoy this.

He may read his books with a friend or another child while they are reading, and if they’re too busy to read, you’ll be able to sit and watch them.


Make it a challenge.

Make an activity to read together.

Give your child a book that they must complete.

Have them write on the book, and write on a blank piece of paper.

Have your child sit in front of the book.

Have one of you read a short story aloud.

This helps your child learn and understand.


Add a timer.

When they finish reading the book with your son or daughter, set the timer to a time and make it a fun time.

The timer will start when the book has finished, and it will be set to run for 15 minutes.

It may help them finish it later, or you can set it up in the evening or during the night.


Give them more time.

Give the child more time to finish their book.

If it takes longer than 15 minutes, set a timer and let your child finish the book by themselves.

It’s a great way to help your child get through a book and help them relax, even if it’s just to finish the story or a chapter.


Use the time wisely.

You may want them to continue reading after they finish the chapter or chapter.

The best thing you can do is make sure you have time to get the next book, so you can finish reading it. 13.

Use an iPad or smartphone to make it easier.

If that’s not possible, you could put them on their phone or tablet, which can be set up to do these tasks.

This will help your kids focus on the task.


Set up a timer for when your children will finish reading.

The more you use your timer, the more your child can enjoy reading.


Get a timer to make a book even easier to read for your child and your childrens friends.


Set an alarm.

This can help your children focus on reading the chapters and read together, rather than having to look at a screen or scroll through the page.

It can also help them remember where they are.


Have some fun with it.

It might be a good idea to put them to bed when the timer goes off.

This way they won’t have any distractions to distract them from reading.