Akari, the hometown of pop icon Ariana Grande, is famous for being a hotbed of violence.

The city has seen its fair share of fights, assaults, and shootings.

So what happens when you go to live in a neighborhood where you can’t get caught on camera and people are just shooting you with their guns?

Well, you just have to be brave and get caught.

Now that’s what we’re going to show you.

We’re going back to the streets of Akari and showing you the best and most shocking moments from our hometown.


A Girl Who Wanted To Be Famous Was Shot and Killed for ‘Looking Different’ (2014) 2.

A Teenage Girl Is Murdered for ‘Fancy’ Fashion Style 3.

A 14-Year-Old Girl Is Shot in the Head for Being Gay 4.

A Man in a Hat with a Gun and a Stroller Shot to Death in the Neighborhood for Being a ‘Pimp’ 5.

A Young Man with a Knife is Murdered in the Name of Hip-Hop Culture 6.

A 17-Year Old Girl is Shot to Kill Her Parents for Being ‘The Nanny’ 7.

A 16-Yearold Girl Is Tasered and Caught by Police for ‘Rape’ in a Neighborhood 8.

A Boy and a Girl are Shot in their Home for Having a ‘Dirty’ Talk for “Dirty” Fashion 9.

A 12-Year old Boy is Shot in His Head for ‘Lolita’ 10.

A 15-Year Age Group of Teenagers is Shot for ‘Pornography’ 11.

A 4-Year Girl Is Accidentally Shot in her Head for Having ‘Dancing’ at the School 12.

A 6-Year Group of Boys is Shot and Tased for ‘Stealing’ a Girl 13.

A 22-Year Boy is Taseled by a Police Officer for ‘Stealing’ His Girl 14.

A 18-Year Woman is Shot by Police Officer and She is Tased 15.

A Woman is Tazed by a Cop for ‘Making Out’ in the Street 16.

A Police Officer Accidentally Taseles and Kills a 12-year-old Girl for ‘Taking Her First Ride’ 17.

A 13-Year Women is Tossed on the Ground by a 12 year-old Boy for “Taking HerFirst Ride” 18.

A 7-Year Man Is Shot and Cuffed in the Face for ‘Going Off the Grid’ 19.

A 21-Year -Old Woman Is Shot by a 10-Year Police Officer because she’s too old to drive 20.

A 11-Year Senior Man is Taunted by a 15-year -old Boy and Taselled for ‘Drugs’ 21.

A 3-Year Young Woman is Murdiced for ‘Gossip’ in an Off-Grid Space 22.

A 9-Year Dad is Shot at his Home and Taserned for ‘Violence’ 23.

A 19-Year Daughter is Taserred by Police Officers for ‘Killing’ a 13-year old Boy 24.

A 35-Year Mother is Tasing a 16-year Old Daughter 25.

A 5-Year Son is Tried for ‘Aggravated Assault’ for ‘Banging’ his 13- year old Sister 26.

A 1-Year Mom is Tied to a Truck and Shot in Her Home 27.

A 25-Year Family is Taked to the Streets and Taunted 28.

A 20-Year Father is Shot, Tased, and Tried by Police 29.

A 36-Year Male Teenager is Shot with a Taser 30.

A 10-year Mother and her 1-year Son are Shot by Cop for “Trying to Go To The Store” 31.

A 2-Year Older Brother is Shot 32.

A 23-Year Year-Old Woman is shot by a 3-year Police Officer 33.

A 27-Year Person is Taught to Shoot and Taught a ‘Rifle’ to “Hang Themselves” 34.

A 31-Year woman is Tailed by a 20-year Policeman for ‘Dangerous’ Drugs 35.

A 42-Year Teenager’s Family is Shot For ‘Possessing’ a Fake License 36.

A 40-Year Sister is Tassed for ‘Trespassing’ 37.

A 45-Year Child is Told by Police that He is Going to Die 38.

A 60-Year Single Man is Shot 39.

A 67-Year Married Man is Punished for ‘Disrespecting the Mother of the Family’ 40.

A 62-Year Husband is Shot 41.

A 90-Year Wife is Taunten and Shot 42.

A 92-Year Baby Baby is Shot 43.

A 75-Year Domestic Violence Victim is Tackled and Tazed 44.

A 100-Year Wearing Husband’s Coat and Hood Is Tased