The TV show’s premise is simple: The world’s top cosplayers compete to live their dream in an apartment.

Now, after the show aired on October 17, 2015, the residents of a popular neighborhood are getting the chance to see just how much fun it can be.▲ A fan from the Akari anime block.▼ A cosplayer.▜ A cosplay with a plush dog.▝ A cosplaying cat.▞ A cosplayed cat with a toy.▟ A cosplayers pet.▓ A cosplays cat and a cosplay.▔ A cosperson with her cat.

A cosplayer from Akari (The anime) is a member of the famous cosplayers community called “Akari City,” which hosts competitions every month.

They have participated in the show, which ran for seven seasons, and have shared their experiences in an interview with Eiga.▶ A cos player at the Akai-Tama cosplay convention.▾ A cos person with her cosplay cat.

When we spoke with the cosplayers, we got the chance ask them about the show.▷ They told us that it is not about cosplay, but about living life to the fullest.▸ The cosplayers are all over the world, and they are all trying to be the best.

They’re passionate about their hobbies.▹ Cosplayers who live the best lives.► They’re trying to have a good time with their friends and family.▏ The cosplay community is a group of people who are all together to create something fun.▘ They want to show that it can still be fun to be a cosplayer in Akari.▭ The cosplayer who lives a peaceful life.▗ They want a better world for cosplayers.▙ They are all doing their best.

They were also able to share a few other secrets of the cosplay scene.▛ There are so many people around the world.

Some of them live together, some live in different parts of the world and some live all over Japan.▁ They all have a hobby, some have an interest in their hobby, but they all want to share their passion and have fun.