Akari, Nigeria (CNN) The man who runs a popular bar in Nigeria’s largest city of Akari said he was inspired to take the first day off from his job as a security guard after his wife was killed by a man who stabbed her several times in her home.

On Tuesday, the bar owner was gunned down at his home by a masked assailant who reportedly stabbed his wife in the stomach.

The assailant then took off with his wife’s body, which was later found nearby.

The bar owner’s wife, Soneba Makhubu, had worked as a maid in the bar for more than three years.

She had recently been diagnosed with cancer and was expected to die soon, her father said.

On Monday, the killer left the scene, but his wife didn’t see him leave until he returned to her apartment.

“When he returned, he found Sonebs body and he immediately began bleeding profusely,” Akari police officer Ahmed Ahmed said.

“It was a very traumatic situation.”

In an interview with CNN affiliate NTV, Makhubi said she never wanted to leave her home and she had always wanted to work in a business.

“I thought I would go to work and that I would be working as a woman,” she said.

She said she would not have given up the chance to work as a prostitute to save her life, but that she felt she had to get a better job to make ends meet.

“My husband said he wanted to retire, and he asked me to get the job,” she told NTV.

“The reason I chose to work is because I want to work, because I’m sick and I need help.

So, I don’t want to give up the opportunity for the future.”

The murder of Makhubs wife and the attack on the bar’s owner have shaken Nigeria’s capital, which has been on edge since the killing of a teenage boy by a gang of gunmen in the city of Maiduguri last month.

On Monday, a suicide bomber killed six police officers at a police station in the capital.

Authorities have arrested the man suspected of killing the security guard, but he remains at large.

Police have arrested several suspects, including two former police officers and three members of a gang that has attacked police stations in the past, and a man suspected to be a leader of the gang.

In a statement, police said Makhu’s killer has been identified as a former member of the police force.