Akari, Japan – There’s an apartment building in Japan’s capital city of Tokyo that’s more expensive than its neighbour.

But the building’s owner says he’s not a renter and isn’t looking to sell.

He has just purchased the first two apartments in his new home, which he’s calling the Akari Apartment Complex.

The Akari Apartments complex is located at 1-2-3 Nakajima-Nakajima, and the first three floors are being built on the ground floor, as well as a rooftop.

The property, which is being developed by Tokyo’s first skyscraper developer, is on the third floor, with a retail component on the fourth floor.

The apartments are expected to be finished by the end of 2019.

It’s a huge building.

It is almost 300 metres high.

And it has a total of 736 apartments.

Akari is the first Japanese city to be given the title of the world’s most expensive residential complex, according to the real estate website Zillow.

According to Zillowing, the property is currently worth around $2.5bn, and it was built by Tokyo-based real estate developer Mizuho and built in 1991.

The developer’s building is the biggest residential development in Japan to date.

The building is expected to cost between $1.2bn and $1bn, Zillows says.

One of the first apartments is being built at 1 Nakajama-Nakaajima in Tokyo, and there’s another apartment building planned in the city of Akari for next year.

If you’re planning to move to Japan, the city is the perfect place to buy a place to live.

You can rent out apartments for between 1,500 yen and 3,000 yen per month.

The price of rent varies depending on the size of the apartment.

The average rent for a single bedroom in Akari is around 4,000yen per month, while the average rent in the residential complexes is 5,000 yen per hour. 

If you don’t live in Tokyo or other big cities, you can rent a place in Akri.

The city has about 100,000 apartment rental apartments, and in Akiba the number is much higher.

The number of apartments has doubled over the past five years, from 7,000 to 13,000.

The Akari complex has more than 7,700 apartments.

It has been a hot property in Tokyo since its completion in 2011.

It is not just Akari’s residential complexes that are making it the most expensive apartment complex in the world, according and there are also other large complexes in the area.

The Tokyo skyscraper, a high-rise skyscraper in Tokyo’s Ginza district, is worth more than $12bn.

The tower is in the middle of the city, with some residents living in it.