A new Australian survey has found that the majority of Australians think living in an “abandoned” apartment is the best option for people who are moving to a new city.

The survey, conducted by the research firm Ivey, found that 60 per cent of respondents would be willing to give up a home if it meant they could move more often.

But the majority (54 per cent) of people who live in apartment buildings are worried about the quality of their homes.

The study found that while most people in an abandoned apartment think it is a good idea, the majority don’t want to give it up for anything less than perfect.

“The majority of respondents think that an abandoned dwelling is a safe and ideal environment for people to live and work, but the majority think it isn’t the best choice for them to live there,” Mr Ivey said.

“There is also an apparent disparity in the responses to this question between those who want to move to an apartment building and those who don’t. “

“These results suggest that the people who don”

These results suggest that the people who don