A bunch of Filipinos have decided to give their apartment building a makeover.

For some of them, it was an experiment.

Others, though, said it’s an opportunity to expand their lifestyle.

For me, it’s about trying to make more money.

For a place that’s been around for decades, it still feels a little bit empty, a little strange, a lot of work for the people who build it.

The problem, though?

It’s hard to do.

The Philippines is a country of more than 30 million people, and the average salary in the country is around $15,000 per year.

The average rent in this country is $3,500 per month.

To find a decent apartment in the city center, you have to travel to the far reaches of the country, where there are many apartment complexes.

It’s no wonder that people are so desperate to find somewhere affordable to live.

But finding the right place can be tough.

As we walk past the buildings of the Casa Nova, a neighborhood near the city’s airport, I hear people talking about how they don’t have the money to live anywhere else.

It sounds like a really crazy idea, but it’s actually the perfect opportunity.

We’re walking toward the center of the city, past the massive shopping mall and the shopping mall itself, past all the shops and restaurants.

I notice the two other people walking by.

I ask them what they are doing there.

They’re looking for a place to live for less than $1,000 a month.

A lot of people in this area, they said, don’t really have any money, they don�t have a car, and they don �t have much of a future in the area. So, they�re looking for the best places to live to get out of this cycle of poverty and hopelessness.

They said they were looking for somewhere that would make them a little more happy, that would help them stay afloat financially.

So the answer is, yes.

A place that�s been around forever, with all these amenities, the apartment building is in a beautiful, modern area.

It�s an extremely modern building with all the latest technology.

But it doesn�t feel like an apartment, or even a condo.

It feels more like a place you would find in a big city.

The city center is filled with skyscrapers and offices.

This is a modern, high-rise building, with large apartments and condominiums.

It was built around the turn of the 20th century, and it is still a relatively small part of the downtown.

In the city centre, it is a bit of a walk, and there is some traffic, but there is a good connection between the two areas.

But what makes the area so attractive is that it�s a little different than what people expect from the rest of Manila.

When I walk by the Casas Nova, I see that the building has a lot more than apartments and condos.

There are two other apartment buildings on the site.

The first is a large apartment complex with a swimming pool, tennis courts, a gym, and a library.

The second is an apartment complex that is in the same building as the Cases Nova.

I walk past them and notice that there are lots of tourists, mostly from Asia, but also a lot from Europe.

They walk by and say that it is nice that the apartment complex is a little further away from the airport.

At first glance, this is not a good idea.

This kind of building doesn�te fit into a modern downtown, but you can see from the photos that the apartments are not quite as modern.

The building is built around an old-school, old-style design.

The old building has been abandoned for many years and hasn�t had a new owner since 2008.

I am surprised to see that they are still standing, though.

This apartment complex was built for more than $3 million, but that doesn�traditionally be the case for large apartment complexes, especially in the central part of Manila where the city has a high population density.

There are many reasons why the Casares Nova is a popular destination.

It is the only complex that offers two-bedroom apartments for less money than the average apartment in Manila.

The apartment complexes are very popular because they provide a convenient way to get around, and also they have many amenities such as restaurants and bars.

Many Filipinos are in the process of buying apartments in the new Casas Nuestras, which are also popular, because they offer an easy way to connect to the area and have a nice place to hang out for the night.

They are also a great way to live in the capital of the Philippines, since there are no major traffic jams in the center, and many Filipinos also enjoy the nightlife, which has a certain quality that is hard to find in most other cities. When we