Akari, the fictional city of the animated series Dragon Ball Z, is one of the most recognizable locations in the series.

With its many unique and beautiful buildings, the city was one of Akira Toriyama’s most popular ideas for the Dragon Ball franchise. 

Now that Akari has become a real place, its residents are eager to get into the architectural style. 

What to do with the original buildings in Akari? 

To build a tower that is more than just a house, you can either rent it from an architect or buy it from a real estate agent.

You can also build a large tower in your backyard if you want to use the land as a beach. 

If you are planning to build a city like Akari in the future, then here are some tips to help you achieve the ideal size of your new city: What is a home? 

A home in Japan is a house that has a roof.

You have to have a roof to live in a home.

The reason for this is that you need to have enough space to house a family.

This makes it hard to build houses in Japan that are large enough to be shared between people.

What is an apartment? 

An apartment is an office space with a bed and desk.

It can also be rented out for a couple of weeks.

You will need a decent amount of space and some space is usually needed for a bathroom.

How to build an apartment in Japan? 

You can use the same techniques as in Akarari.

The first step is to take out a few old buildings and build an entire apartment complex.

The apartments can be divided into smaller and larger parts depending on how many floors you want.

For example, if you have four floors, you might build an office building for four apartments.

You might then move into a smaller apartment building for five apartments.

In some parts of the city, you have to be careful with how much space you have.

For instance, there are some areas where you need more space to build, so you might have to build apartments on smaller floors.

If you are using a large building, you need lots of space to store items and some extra space is required to house your office. 

Do I need a roof? 

There are a few different kinds of buildings you might need to build in Akara.

You need a building with a roof for the entire building to survive.

You also need a large roof to house the people inside the building.

You should make sure the building is large enough so that it can withstand the wind and rain, and is able to withstand the sun.

You must have a good drainage system.

Where should I build my apartments? 

The first step to building your own apartment is to decide where you want your apartment to be located.

Most people think about where they want to live and then decide where they would like to live. 

For example, most people think of their home in their home town.

For people in the United States, they usually think about their home.

You would think about what kind of place they would prefer to live, but if you are building your apartment in a large city like Tokyo, you would want to think about it more than Tokyo. 

Some people think that they want their home to be near the train station, while others think of it as somewhere where they will hang out with friends and relatives.

If your apartment is located in a suburb, you should consider adding a few small houses to it.

You may even consider adding your own small apartments. 

Can I move in at any time? 


Most apartment buildings have a curfew in which people can not leave the building for more than 24 hours.

You cannot go anywhere, even outside of the building, for 24 hours without permission from the building owner.

You are not allowed to use your phone or other devices. 

Where can I find a place to live? 

Akari is the most popular place for people to live when it comes to building their own apartments.

But there are a lot of other places in Japan where you can live.

You could live in Osaka, Kyoto, or Fukuoka.

You still have a chance to get an apartment if you live in the city.