When you’re a Japanese anime fan and you want to meet anime fans from other countries, there are several things you can do to find them.

You can visit anime conventions or watch anime at home.

You might even meet them in person.

But what if you want more than that?

What if you don’t know the language, don’t have the budget, or don’t want to spend a ton of money?

Enter the Anime Expo, an event that’s been around for more than two decades.

Anime Expo is Japan’s largest anime convention, and its biggest event of the year, Anime Expo Tokyo is often held on the same day.

The convention is held on July 20-22.

There are some big differences between these two events, however.

Anime expositions tend to be a lot more crowded than the Tokyo convention.

There is a large line-up at each one, and attendees have to queue up for several hours to get into the convention hall.

Anime conventions are also usually held in bigger cities, but they tend to get bigger with the number of attendees.

While there are also conventions at the Anime Industry Convention (AIC), which takes place every two years, the Anime expo scene in Japan is usually smaller, with only around 3,000 people at each convention.

For the Tokyo expo, there’s around 40,000 attendees, and for the AIC, there will be 50,000.

These are the biggest differences between Anime Expo Japan and the Tokyo and AIC.

What you need to know about Anime Expo and the Anime industry The biggest difference between Anime expOs and the other events at Anime Expo lies in the language barrier.

The language barrier is a big reason why people who don’t speak Japanese can get in.

It’s hard to explain anime in English without some vocabulary, and it can be hard to find a Japanese speaker who’s comfortable talking about anime.

There’s also a big difference in the cost of attending the Anime con.

Anime shows are usually cheaper than convention shows, but there are a few shows that are only $2 per ticket.

And you have to register with an email address, which can be difficult for many people who just want to check out the shows and meet people.

There will also be some differences between events at the two conventions.

The Tokyo expos, like the Aic, is a more international affair, and so will the Anime convention.

But Anime expOS events tend to focus on Japanese, and that makes it easier for foreigners to get in to see Japanese shows.

The difference between the two is that Anime Expo tends to focus more on the anime industry, and there are usually more events in the country for that.

So if you’re in Japan for an event, you should check out both Anime expO events.

There aren’t many conventions in Japan that focus more heavily on the Japanese market, so you can be a part of an international anime community if you attend both.