1 / 7 Akari, Nigeria (AP) For Akari United, it’s a $20 million-plus salary.

The Nigerian club has won the KFC World Cup four times since 2011, and is the second-highest-earning club in the world.

It has made the Champions League final four times, won the Under-20 World Cup twice and won the World Cup in 2017.

But it’s not all glamour.

The team’s stadium, the Nkrumah Stadium, has been nicknamed “Nakadiyo” because of the way its pitch is curved.

The club’s coach, Nuhayah Kukanenga, has described it as “one of the best stadiums in the country”.

More:The Akari-based club has made it to the final of the Copa Libertadores, where it defeated Argentina in last year’s final.

But there is one problem: the club is in the midst of a bankruptcy.

The Akari Bank was founded in 2005 and it has a loan facility with the government.

But it has run into financial difficulties, and the loan agreement expired in August.

This means that the Akari club will have to repay the government, but there is a legal hurdle ahead.

This is the latest in a series of financial troubles for the Akori club.

Earlier this year, the team announced it had filed for bankruptcy protection and had been unable to pay players and staff.

The bank’s CEO, Othmani Mohammed, said it was unlikely the club would be able to pay off the loan.

“I don’t see how they can make that repayment,” he told The Associated Press.

In April, the bank said the loan was only worth about $5 million, and it was “not viable to keep the loans outstanding.”

Now, the loan is in default.

“We are in the process of filing a bankruptcy case, which will go to the Supreme Court of Nigeria, and we are also working with the company that is running the club,” Mohammed said.

“We have not been able to resolve the matter in good time.”

Mohammed says the club will be able make a payment by the end of the month, but the bankruptcy court has said it would consider the loan’s repayment, and that a decision on that could take at least a month.

If the loan isn’t paid, the club’s debt would go to creditors.

This includes creditors of the club, the government and other creditors, and may include the National Sports Development Authority, which owns the stadium.

A court has set a deadline of September 28 for Akari to pay the loan, which is equivalent to about one month of unpaid salaries.

But in a letter to the board on Wednesday, a representative of the Akrias bank said that the loan amount had already been deducted from Akari’s accounts, and so it was unable to provide an estimate on the amount owed to creditors and the bank.

Mohammad said the club was currently in talks with creditors to try and resolve the loan issue, but he said the matter would not be resolved before the September 28 deadline.

“The situation has reached a stage where we are at the point where we can’t proceed to a decision, which would be a loss for our club and our players,” he said.

The Nigerian team has been in a financial crisis since it folded in 2014.

It’s been difficult to get players, coaches and the club into the club.

It’s been very difficult financially.

They are trying to get loans and the loans have been very hard to pay.

We’ve tried to work with them, but unfortunately it’s just not working.

They have no funds to pay their players, which has led to the club going bankrupt.

Last week, the National Basketball Association (NBA) banned Akari from entering any NBA games until it has repaid its debt.

The NBA has also banned the club from competing in the upcoming Asian Cup.