A giant apartment building in Japan’s Tokyo has become a symbol of the city’s growth.

The Akari apartment building was completed in 1960, when it stood at 2,600 square feet and boasted 4,500 apartments, more than any other building in the city.

It was also home to a huge swimming pool, a Japanese-style amusement park, a school, a casino, and a Japanese amusement park.

Now it sits empty and unused, and its new owner plans to turn it into a residential complex with a hotel, restaurants, shops, and apartments.

The new owners hope to get a license to build a new hotel and apartments in Akari by March 2018. 

The apartment building opened in 1960 at the corner of Odaiba Street and Yotsuya Street.

It’s the tallest building in Tokyo and one of only two in the world.

It featured an impressive swimming pool with a marble water slide, a large bowling alley, a video arcade, a swimming pool and spa, and two swimming pools, one of which is open to the public.

The other, the Hyatt-designed Akari Village, was designed by the same architect as the original Akari. 

When the building opened, it was the world capital of apartments.

Akari was home to many famous people and businesses, including Princess Kokoro of Japan and a woman known as the Empress of Tokyo.

Akami’s new owners say it will become the site of a major hotel, a mall, and other retail areas.

A hotel is expected to open in Akaroa by March of 2018.

The hotel is being built on top of a residential building, but the developers say it should be built within five years.