Akari is a city in northern India with a population of roughly 4 million.

It has become a hotbed for people moving around between various states, particularly the north and south.

The city has also been known to host ghost towns, as many as 70 in all.

Residents have long reported that they can hear people talking and strange noises coming from the area.

The problem was first noticed when a woman living in the area called the police.

The police, who had a team on site, began looking into it.

They discovered that the apartment had a broken window, a cracked window and several other problems.

Akari’s property was auctioned off in the town of Srivastava on Tuesday for about 3.5 million rupees ($3,800) in an auction held by the Akari Municipality.

The residents of Akari have since posted pictures of their apartment and some of its other belongings on social media.

The owners of the property have not yet been identified.

Watch the video above to see how Akari got a brand new home.