Akari, Japan – When Akari Nakamura was 14, he moved into a new apartment, hoping to make a change in his life.

He says it was like the first day of school, with his mother teaching him how to cook.

But the new apartment wasn’t what he had been expecting.

“I wanted to live in a big house with lots of windows,” Nakamura said.

“But I was told that you can’t live in the same apartment for 10 years, because it’s too expensive.

So I ended up moving in with my aunt.”

After a couple of months, Nakamura and his mother moved into the apartment where he now lives with his girlfriend.

But not for long.

“We bought another house, a little bit bigger, with more rooms,” Nakamara said.

That’s when the house got bigger and bigger.

He moved into it after spending the summer with his aunt.

“My aunt is a big girl, so she told me that it was okay if I wanted to stay here with her,” Nakamoto said.

But Nakamura says the house he’s living in right now is just too big.

“It’s like a house with three floors,” he said.

“It’s bigger than a school room.”

Nakamura says he’s tired of living in a house he can’t afford.

“Now, I’m just in an apartment, which is also a house,” he added.

“And this apartment is also bigger than an apartment.”

Namikaze and his family, who are Japanese citizens, bought the two-story apartment in Akari and are renting it out for a couple months.

Namika and his father moved in with their aunt last year and are now living with their family.

“When we moved in, we didn’t have a car, so we drove to the hotel and waited in line for hours,” Namikaze said.

He said he was told by hotel management that he would have to pay around ¥2,000 a day.

“So it was a big shock for me,” he recalled.

Nakazu Nakamura has lived in an Akari apartment since he was a child.

He is one of thousands of Japanese citizens who have moved into apartments in recent years in order to escape the high cost of living.

“You can’t just go and rent one place.

You need to find somewhere to live.

It’s very expensive.

I’m afraid of that,” said Nakamura.

When asked if he thought he could live in Akami again, Nakazaki said: “Yes, absolutely.”