A post card from Akari, Japan, was used to help recover from the 2010 Northridge earthquake.

The postcard was posted to Twitter by local residents and featured the hashtag #AkariKanbaru.

A post from the Japanese news site Kyodo News reported that the postcard came from a person in the area who had been injured in the earthquake.

#AkaliKanBaru, the name of the post, is derived from the kanbaru meaning “big” in Japanese.

The Japanese name is written in the form “Akari Kanshi,” which translates to “big town.”

#AkamiKanBaru, a hashtag that has been trending on Twitter in Japan since at least May, is a nickname for the town.

The kanbarukumu, or “town of the dead,” was located in Akari in central Japan at the time of the earthquake, and it was the only town that escaped the destruction of the massive quake that killed thousands.

Kyodo News tweeted that the hashtag was used as a reference to the postcards that were sent from Akami and Kanbaru to the surrounding areas.

The image of the man in the post card was taken from a postcard sent by a local resident, according to Kyodo.