New York is a city that has a great mix of high-rise housing with a high percentage of low-rise apartment buildings, and now, we’re getting a bit closer to the apartment that would go under the name Akari.

The first phase of the development, which would rise nearly 10 stories above the city, is slated to go up on a 645-unit apartment building, located on a 535-acre parcel that’s currently home to a variety of low and mid-rise residential projects.

According to the developer, the building is slated for completion in 2019.

As part of the project, Akari would offer a mixture of affordable apartments and luxury condos, as well as a new neighborhood with an anchor tenant for its new tenants.

According the developer’s site, the project would include a community center and an affordable housing unit, along with a “new public plaza” with “a plaza for outdoor dining and outdoor retail” and “an outdoor outdoor courtyard that will provide a space for artists and creative professionals to create, perform and work.”

A small, affordable apartment would occupy the ground floor of the building, while the second floor would have a “luxury condo on the first floor” and the third floor would house a hotel.

Akari would also include retail space along with amenities such as a “living room area, fitness center, and fitness room,” and the fourth floor would include an indoor gym.

In addition to its new building, the developer also plans to build a “parking garage” and a “private parking garage.”

The first phase is scheduled to go online by 2020, and the second phase is expected to go live by 2025.

[Via New York Post]