A Japanese condo building has been developed with the aim of turning a home into a virtual apartment, allowing residents to live, work and shop remotely.

The new apartment building, which is being developed by Japanese-based architecture studio Akari Studio, is set to open its doors to the public on March 2, 2020.

The building will be the first of its kind in Japan, and is set up as a new unit of a multi-family house that is being built on an abandoned site at the corner of Akari Street and Bibi Street.

The project was conceived by Akari Studios Japan, with the assistance of the Tokyo office of Tokyo-based architectural firm HOKA.

The team behind the project is working on a design for the project that is currently in the planning stages.

The architect behind the design, Nobuaki Watanabe, has also worked on a similar project in Tokyo.

According to a statement from Akari, the two projects represent a joint effort to develop a unique concept and the building will “revolutionise” the way residents of the new apartment buildings can live and work remotely.

“Our goal is to create a living environment that is free from clutter and clutter-causing items, and to ensure the best user experience possible,” the statement reads.

“By developing the apartment with a completely new layout, the building can serve as a model for other new housing developments in Japan.”

The building’s exterior features a futuristic design that is meant to reflect the modern Japanese way of life, with sleek lines and minimalist furniture, with a central balcony that will be open and a separate garage in the rear.

The building will also include a restaurant and lounge that will allow residents to hang out, while a rooftop pool and gymnasium will offer space for fitness classes.

The interior of the building is meant for those who want to live a quieter life, and the project also plans to feature an outdoor swimming pool, a large rooftop garden, a fitness center and a gymnasial.

Akari Studio will be constructing the apartment building on the site of the former Akari Shopping Plaza, which was demolished by the local government in 2015.

The area is being redeveloped, with an emphasis on pedestrian activity, and an estimated 10,000 new apartments are planned for the area.

The project will include two separate levels, with two floors for residents and one for employees, as well as a “shared living area” for tenants and employees.

The Akari project is a collaboration between Akari and Tokyo-listed architect HOKa, who designed the residential and retail projects in Tokyo and Yokohama.

The firm has been involved in various projects across Japan, including a luxury apartment building in Osaka that was completed in 2020.