You may have seen the Akari housing project.

Its a multi-unit apartment complex in the middle of the city.

Designed by a local firm and owned by the government, it has been described as one of the most beautiful and modern buildings in the country.

It has been designed to house the residents of Akari, the capital of the northern part of the state of Andhra Pradesh.

But it has also been described by locals as a housing project that has become the symbol of the neglect of the area and the neglect and abuse of the people living in it.

But now, as the government prepares to demolish the project, the people who live in the apartments are taking action.

One of the residents, Srinivas, told Engadge that he feels the government is responsible for the project’s demolition and that he is trying to change the project to meet the needs of the community.

“The project was built in such a way that was not for the needs and interests of the inhabitants of Akri,” Srinas said.

He added that there is no housing for the residents in the apartment complex, and there is a lack of toilets.

“We were promised that the toilets in the buildings would be installed by the end of the month.

But they have not even done that,” he said.

The community’s grievances against the government and the project are similar to those of the surrounding areas.

“Our community feels abandoned.

They feel that they have no rights.

They are in fear of the government because they have nowhere to go,” said Kavitha Kavindranath, a local resident.

“They are not receiving education and jobs, and the situation is getting worse and worse.”

Srinesh also told Engage that he wants the government to build housing for his family.

“I have to earn money for my family.

My parents work as housekeepers.

I have no other options.

They need help and I am begging the government for it,” he added.

Kaviram Kavintan, a member of the Akariparkar movement, said he is a resident of the apartments in Akari and that the project has created problems for the surrounding area.

“There are two or three families who live there.

Some of them work as a housekeeping.

They have been working in the area for the past two decades and we feel like they are getting neglected,” Kavin said.

“Some of the children are not getting their education.

They do not get jobs or health care.

They get nothing.”

The Akari Housing Project was built by the city’s administration in the 1970s, but has been abandoned by the state government.

Its demolition is part of a broader move by the local administration to demolishes thousands of buildings in its care over the last two decades.

According to a report published by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), about 10,000 houses have been demolished in the state since 1995.

The NDRC report also found that the Akaris community is suffering from an array of problems, ranging from food insecurity to physical and mental health issues.

“Akari has the highest rate of malnutrition among the districts in the whole country, especially among children,” the report stated.

“Many of the families that live there have to sell their houses or sell their livestock, for they cannot afford to feed their children,” said Srinath.

In the aftermath of the demolition, local residents have also started to demand that the government provide them with housing.

“People are trying to raise money for us to buy a house.

But the government has been unable to provide us with any housing.

We have to find a place to live and we have nowhere else to go.

It is really a struggle,” said Gautam Kumar, a resident.

In a recent visit to Akari city, the residents also complained about the lack of food and sanitation facilities in the city and how it has become a “food desert”.

They also spoke about the need to build a shelter to house their displaced relatives, who have been displaced from their homes by the recent monsoon rains.